Give Your Crops A Boost With These Naturally Organic Fertilizer Ideas

For lot of years, farmers in this country went to great lengths to grow their crops to be large and plentiful, even if that meant they had to use loads of fertilizer on their crops that was not always laced with the most healthy components. Thankfully, new interest in more organic farming has started to change the way many agricultural business owners view fertilizing their crop land. There are now easily accessible ways to give your crops the nutritional boost needed without compromising the environment or consumer's health. Take a look at these three ways to give your crops a boost with organic fertilizing methods. 

Method: Using livestock to fertilize cropland. 

The droppings that come from livestock on your property can be an incredibly beneficial organic fertilizer for your crops. In the old days, it was not at all uncommon for manure from cows or horses to be spread over crop areas before they were tilled to inject rich nutrients into the soil. If you already have livestock on your property, whether it is horses, cattle, or even poultry, you can put their waste to good use as an organic fertilizer for your crops. 

Method: Using commercial food waste as compost.

Did you know that every year, grocery stores, restaurants, and other retailers will throw away tons of fresh food?  While composting has always been a good way to fertilize the ground naturally, most agricultural business owners do not throw away enough natural food items to create a substantial amount of compost. Thankfully, you may have other options if there is a composting program available through your local waste management service. Many of these companies now pick up food waste separately from commercial locations and make it available to local farmers for use as a fertilizer. 

Method: Using store-bought organic fertilizers. 

Because there has been a greater interest in fertilizing crops in a more natural way, a lot of farm supply stores now sell organic fertilizers in many forms. At a good farm supply store, you can find things like organic dry pellet fertilizer, which can be made from components like manure and natural composted food items. Using these store-bought organic fertilizer for your crops helps you keep the safety of your farmland and end product in check in a convenient way. You will not have to spend a lot of your time collecting compost or manure for use on your crops.